This article is about the case that your hose has a hole and air is flowing out of it, if necessary, in a clearly audible way. If the pressure of your device is generally too low, please refer to the article "The air pressure is too weak".

If a hole is only a few inches from the top or bottom of a hose, the problem can often be solved very easily by cutting the affected area of the hose with scissors. To do this, you can pull off the cuff plugs by a rotating movement. The multi-connector can be removed most easily by pulling off the individual hoses one after the other, starting from one side.


Cuff links:

Caution: If you shorten the hose at only one cuff connector, it may be necessary to cut the same length of hose at the other cuff connectors as well, since individual hoses pull away from cuff connectors during use.

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