In general, we recommend an application time of between 15 and 30 minutes. However, if the application is pleasant, you can also use a longer application.

To set the duration:

Vein Angel 4 and Vein Angel 6:

Increase duration: turn clockwise

Reduce duration: Turn counterclockwise

Tip: You can run the application as long as you like by moving the rotary control down to the circle symbol (⟳) / "Always On".

Important: The dials for the time are not "egg timers" and do not count down the time. This means that the knob does not turn back to zero with time. For more information, see the article "The application duration knob does not expire".

Vein Angel 4 Premium, Vein Angel 6 Premium, Vein Angel 8 Premium:

To increase the duration: tap on the plus symbol (+)

To reduce the duration: tap on the minus symbol (-)

Tip: Keep the +/- symbols pressed to set the time faster.