Here you will learn how to put on the accessory sleeves and what you should pay attention to.

For all cuffs, you should make sure that the cuffs are carefully closed to prevent unintentional opening of the cuffs and possible damage.

Putting on and fitting the leg cuffs

We recommend putting on the leg cuffs while seated.Important: Pull the zipper completely up to avoid unintentional opening of the cuffs and possible damage.

You do not have to pull the zipper completely down when you remove the cuff. It is sufficient to pull it down to about knee height to be able to easily take off the cuffs.

If you have the impression that the cuff is too large or small for you, you can find more information on this in the article "The leg cuff is too large for me".

Putting on and fitting the trouser cuffs

For a simple explanation of how to put the trouser cuff on easily, we recommend the following video:

Tightening and seating of the arm cuff

Use the Velcro strip to close the arm cuff. For a simple explanation, we recommend you watch the following video:

Tightening and fit of the abdominal cuff

The side with the dark grey socket is the upper side of the abdominal cuff (see blue marking below). This should be positioned immediately below the chest.

Tighten the abdominal cuff so that it is in direct transition to the leg cuffs, if you want to use leg and abdominal cuffs in combination. The uppermost chamber of the leg cuff "abuts" the lowermost chamber of the abdominal cuff ("abutment to abutment"). 

Tip: If you want to use the leg and abdominal cuffs at the same time, put the leg cuffs on first. Then lay the abdominal cuffs flat behind you on the floor, couch or sofa (inside up). Lie down on the belly cuffs slowly with your back behind you. After you have pulled the abdominal cuff to the correct height, close it on your stomach.