The multiplug is inserted into the left side (Vein Angel 4, Vein Angel 4 Premium and Vein Angel 6 Mobile) or on the front side (Vein Angel 6, Vein Angel 6 Premium and Vein Angel 8 Premium). Make sure that the multiplug is completely inserted into the device and is not crooked.

Correctly inserted multiplugIncorrectly inserted multi-plug

Note that there is a small additional nipple on the right side of the multiplug, which must be inserted into the opening provided for this purpose, as shown in the red markings on the pictures below. If the multi-plug is inserted into the unit the wrong way round, the multi-plug will be crooked. 

There are also two arrows on the top of the multi-connector (blue marking on pictures below), which should be visible on the top when you have plugged the multi-connector into the device.

Inserting the multiplug of the Vein Angel 8 Premium

The Vein Angel 8 Premium offers eight air chambers per cuff, which are connected to the device via two multi-plugs.

Be careful not to mix up the left and right multi-connector or to plug one or both in the wrong way round. The arrow markings on the upper side of the plugs and the additional nipple (see above) will help you here as well. Both plugs must be plugged into the unit completely and must not sit crooked.

Correctly inserted multiplug: the two additional nipples of the multi-connectors have been inserted into the opening; both arrow markings on the upper side are visible
Incorrectly inserted multiplug: the right multi-connector was plugged into the device upside down

If the multi-plug is properly inserted and the cuff plugs are connected to the cuffs, your Venen Angel should be connected that way:

The right connection (red) supplies the two lower chambers at your feet with air, the left connection (purple) supplies the topmost chamber. If you follow the course of the hose from the control unit, you can check this very easily.