If the device cannot be switched on, please first check that the mains plug is correctly inserted into the socket.

Important: If the toggle switch for Vein Angel 4 and Vein Angel 6 does not light up immediately when you operate it, do not worry. In some cases it will not light up until you have set the duration of use. After you have set the duration of application, please switch the device on. Now the application should start.

If it is still not possible to switch on the unit, pull out the mains plug and unscrew the fuse holder with the inscription "FUSE" on the bottom of the unit (see picture on the left) completely (with a screwdriver or small coin) and check whether the wire in the fuse is undamaged (see picture on the right).

Der Sicherungshalter befindet sich auf der Geräteunterseite. Intakte Feinsicherung: der Draht in der Sicherung ist unbeschädigt.

If the fuse is intact, screw the fuse holder with the fuse back into the device completely and please contact our support.

If the fuse is damaged, replace the fuse with a commercially available microfuse (slow blow (T); 3.15A; 5 x 20mm). You are also welcome to contact our customer service. 

If you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

You can reach us:

    telephone: +49 (0) 6664 91 96 42

    Mail: service@venenengel.de

    or via live chat on our website