Tip #1: Hygienic application

Wear leggings or sweatpants for hygienic use. This way you can share the Vein Angel with others and save yourself the trouble of cleaning your cuffs.

Tip #2: Exclude pain-sensitive areas from the massage

You can exclude pain-sensitive areas from the massage. For more information, see the article "Deactivating individual chambers".

Tip #3: Leave the cuff plug plug plugged in

Do not disconnect the cuff connectors after the first connection, but keep the cuffs with the connected hoses.

Tip #4: Leg cuff too long? Deactivate top chamber!

Simply deactivate the top chamber if the leg cuff is a little too long for you. This prevents the top chamber from pushing the cuff out of the correct position.

Tip #5:Cuff too tight? Use extension!

If the leg or trouser cuff is too tight for you and you find it difficult or impossible to close it completely, we recommend using an extension flap. You can find this in our online shop.

Tip #6: Pull out quick connectors!

If you want to end the application quickly or reduce the pressure, simply unplug the connectors from the Quick Connectors after or during an application to release the pressure from the air chambers very quickly.

Tip #7: Set application duration quickly

For Vein Angel 6 Premium, Vein Angel 6 Mobile and Vein Angel 8 Premium: hold down the +/- symbols to set the time more quickly.

Do you have a tip that you would like to share with other Vein Angel users? Then write to us! We are happy about every submission :)

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